Safari Jumbo Lion 45" Airfill Balloon Party Supplies Canada - Open A Party

Safari Jumbo Lion 45" Airfill Balloon


Includes one Jumbo Lion 45" Airloonz Airfill Balloon.

Airloonz Are The Perfect Balloon Decoration To Highlight Your Themed Party! This Self Standing Foil Balloon Set Is Designed To Be Inflated With Air Only, No Helium Required! Airloonz Balloons Include A Color Matching Set Of Foil Mylar Balloons That Creates A Sturdy Base For The Main Balloon To Rest On And Stand Upright. Airloonz Can Be Inflated With A Balloon Air Inflator Or A Hand Pump. Balloon Includes Self-Sealing Valves For Easy Inflation. Balloon Purchased Un-Inflated.