Pink Ribbon Treat Table Decor Kit-24 Pieces Party Supplies Canada - Open A Party

Pink Ribbon Treat Table Decor Kit-24 Pieces


Pink Ribbon  / Breast Cancer Awareness Supplies Canada.

Includes 1 Pink Ribbon Treat Table Decor Kit.

This all-in-one decorating kit is the perfect addition to pink ribbon decorations and supplies for a Breast Cancer Awareness event, fundraiser or fun run.

8 unmarked place cards: Cardstock. Folded, 4" x 2 1/2".
1 tent card: Cardstock. Folded, 4 1/2" x 6".
4 unmarked picks: Cardstock. 3" x 3" on 7" plastic sticks.
4 marked picks: Cardstock. 5" x 5" on 9" plastic sticks.
1 pennant banner: Cardstock. 5" x 7 ft.
2 hanging fans: Paper. 16" diam.
4 hanging garlands: Cardstock. 4" diam. cutouts on a 5-ft. string.


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