50% OFF: Baby Shower "Who Knows Mommy Best" 24 Pk Party Supplies Canada - Open A Party

50% OFF: Baby Shower "Who Knows Mommy Best" 24 Pk


Baby Shower Games

“Who Knows Mommy Best” Baby Shower Game. Did you happen to know what kind of car the guest of honor drives? Her favorite song? Sometimes these details matter, especially when you play the “Who Knows Mommy Best” shower game! Add some unexpected fun to your baby shower with this fun memory game! Here’s what you do: hand out the question sheets with your own pens or pencils. Ask your guests to answer the questions as best as they can. Whoever answers the most questions correctly wins! Be sure to have a shower prize on hand for the lucky winner! Each sheet includes 20 pre-printed questions. Have a little fun with this shower game! A great ice-breaker for your party, be sure to read the answers out loud for everyone to hear. Your guest of honor will enjoy reading the answers and may want to keep these sheets in her scrapbook! Includes 2 dozen illustrated “Who Knows Mommy Best” game sheets. 8 1/2" x 11" Includes 24

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