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Graduates 2023 Cupcake Icing Toppers 12pk


Grad 2023 Party Supplies, Elementary Grad Cupcakes, Graduation Edible Icings and Cupcakes

Includes 12  Graduates 2023 edible icing cupcake toppers. Simply slide the icing from the backing and add to freshly iced cakes, cookies and more. Edible ink printed on an edible icing sheet. 12 per set. 2" diameter.

We use high-quality, food-grade ink to ensure that your  Edible Cake Decoration has true, vibrant colors. You can even order ahead of time, because the product is freeze-thaw stable. To apply, simply remove the backing and place the Edible Icing Cupcake Decorations on any store-bought or homemade cupcakes.

This product is made in-house and will add no time to your delivery date.