Wild Kratts: Edible Icing Photo Cake Topper


Wild Kratts Edible Photo Icing Cake Topper- Give a professional look to your cake with edible icing art. Icing art is designed to fit 9 x 13" , 1/4 slab cake. We pack each edible icing image in an sealed package for freshness. The icing art is easily removed from its backing and gently placed on your frosted masterpiece. Within 15 to 20 minutes the edible icing sheet will blend into the frosting to give a seamless look. You will absolutely love the results and the ease of use.

This product is made in-house and will add no time to your delivery date.


  1. Send an email to photocakes@openaparty.com, include your order number in the subject line
  2. Choose your file and attach to the email. (A file size of 2 MB or higher is best for a quality photo.) . Only "personal" photographs may be used. Licensed images are not permitted.
  3. Alternatively you can log into your order after you have submitted it online and upload your image file when you view your current order under your account.