MyPlate Sorting Boxes


Make nutrition a fun, interactive lesson with these MyPlate Sorting Boxes! Create your own classroom games and let kids place the food photo cards into the appropriate sorting box to test their My Plate knowledge. A modern spin on the food pyramid, boxes include "Protein," "Fruits," "Vegetables," "Grains" and "Dairy." Add to your health studies for a more well-balanced lesson. Follows standards so it seamlessly fits into your health lesson plans! Each 3" x 4" cardboard box has a 2" x 1/2" slit in the top and includes six 2" x 2" cards featuring food group examples. (35 pcs. per set)

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"Sorting boxes are a great addition to any classroom because the allow you and your students to make your own games! Young learners will have fun sorting, matching and comparing these bright cards while learning about healthy foods! The photography used on the cards makes it easy for students to identify different foods and their groups."
Anna, Educational Product Development Specialist

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