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Mother's Day Hand Keepsake Picture Frame Craft - 12 Pk


Mother's Day - Mothers Day Craft Kits.

Mother's Day Handprint Frame Craft Kit.

Create a special gift for mom and wish her “Happy Mother’s Day!” This handprint craft kit includes a wooden frame, a paper insert with a poem and space to place a child's handprint and a 4-oz. bottle of purple washable finger paint. Safe and non-toxic. The poem says: “Every day I am exploring, touching everything I've found. I leave behind my little marks and handprints all around. You clean up those handprints but someday when I’m grown you’ll wish you had just one handprint to keep for your own. I made this handprint for you so that one day when I am tall you’ll remember what my hand looked like long ago when I was small.” 8 3/4" All craft kit pieces are pre-packaged for individual use. Kits include instructions and extra pieces.

Includes 12.

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