Little Mermaid Ariel GIANT Add-An-Age Banner


Little Mermaid Birthday Party Supplies Canada: 

Say 'Happy Birthday' the Little Mermaid way! Decorate your birthday party with our Little Mermaid Sparkle Add An Age Jumbo Letter Banner Kit. This fun banner features 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' jointed cardstock letters in sea shell shape and pictures of your favorite Little Mermaid and other sea creatures. Little Mermaid Sparkle Add An Age Banner can be personalized for the appropriate birthday year by applying the included number stickers to the cardstock cutout at its center. This Jumbo Letter Banner Kit contains customizable letter banner of 10.7 ft or 3.2m long with 10 in or 25.4cm tall letters, 24 attachable pieces of 2 each of 0 - 9 plus TH, RD, ND, ST and 5 pieces of double-sided tape.