Dum Dums and Smarties Candy Mix - 200 Pk


This candy mix is a smart choice for all your sweet events! Set up a candy buffet at your wedding reception or Valentine's Day party, or stock up and hand these Dum Dums® and Smarties® out as Halloween candy to little trick-or-treaters! This mix is also perfect for birthday party favors. Top off your Easter baskets, or stuff those Christmas stockings full of classic candy. With an assortment this big, you'll have plenty of tasty treats for every occasion! Includes Smarties® roll candy and peach-mango, mystery, fruit punch, bubble gum, strawberry, cherry, sour apple, cream soda, orange, grape, blue raspberry, blueberry, root beer, raspberry lemonade, cotton candy and butterscotch suckers. (Approx. 200 pcs./unit)


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