Disney Frozen: Cake Decor Kit


Disney Frozen Movie Birthday Party Supplies Canada:

As crystals form and the snow begins to fall, know that Anna will be there with her friends to bring back Spring when you add this Disney Cake Decoration Kit to your party supplies, featuring Anna and Olaf!  Just add on to any home made or store bought cake.

  • One 3 inch tall x 2.75 inch wide topper
  • Three 1.37 inch snowflake rings

This topper has a rotating center piece featuring Anna and Elsa! Just turn the handle with Olaf on it, and watch the image flip from Elsa to Anna.   To use, simply place on any iced cake - store bought or home made.

Follow the step-by-step instructions below to create the cake pictured

Note that cake and icing are not included.


Icing Colors Needed:
Royal Blue #5895, Princess Pink #11807, Royal Blue (Gel) #9525, Royal Blue (Icing) #9525, Spring Green #9614, Neon Purple #9653, Leaf Green #9529, Neon Purple #9645, and White Icing

Icing Tips Needed:
#805, #10, #8, #6, #897, Airbrush

Decorating Instructions:


  1. Airbrush top and sides of cake Royal Blue #5895 as shown.
  2. Airbrush remainder of top of cake Princess Pink #11807.
  3. Using tip #805, pipe White mountain and hill. Smooth as shown.
  4. Using tip #10, pipe Royal Blue #9525 piping gel water.
  5. Airbrush grass Spring Green #9614.
  6. Using tip #8, pipe White snow at bottom of mountain.
  7. Airbrush mountain and snow Neon Purple #9653 and Royal Blue #5895 as shown.
  8. Using tip #6, pipe White snow on top of mountains.
  9. Using tip #6, pipe Leaf Green #9529 pine trees.
  10. Using tip #897, pipe White wavy band around base of cake.
  11. Using tip #10, pipe Neon Purple #9645 border on bottom.
  12. Using tip #10, pipe Royal Blue #9525 border on top.
  13. Place items onto cake as shown.