Catwoman & Batman Personalizable Edible Icing Topper


Love is in the air between Batman and Catwoman in this PhotoCake image. Your favorite DC Couples bring a new twist to the standard Valentine's Day dessert! Batman is proof you don't need super powers to be a superhero. You don't need super powers to decorate a cake like a pro either. With PhotoCake® Edible Cake Images, simply peel the image from the backing and add to the top of freshly iced treats. Add a border and you've got an amazing cake. Please order carefully item is not returnable. Edible ink printed on an edible icing sheet. 7 1/2" diameter.

This product is made in-house and will add no time to your delivery date


  1. You will be prompted for the personalized text at checkout.
  2. Choose your text that you would like to include on the cake topper. For example "Happy 3rd Birthday Jamie"
  3. If personalized text is not received with the order then the edible image will not include personalized text.