Blue Candy Buffet Assortment 1706pc


This bulk candy assortment has all you need to create a classic candy buffet.  TThis blue candy buffet assortment makes a wonderful addition to baby boy baby showers and 1st birthday parties! Need jars for displaying all these sweet treats? We've got that, too! Total wt., 9 lbs. 5 oz.

• Candy-coated chocolate candies - (Approx. 1184 pcs.) **Currently the Dark Blue Chocolate candies are being substituted in place of the light blue (shown) which are unavailable.
• Gum balls - Tutti-frutti flavor. (Approx. 105-120 pcs.) Fat-free.
• Rock candy pops - Blue Raspberry flavor. (1 dz.) 4 1/2" pop on a 3" wooden stick. Individually wrapped. Fat-free.
• Salt water taffy - Blue Raspberry flavor. (Approx. 193 pcs.) Individually wrapped. Fat-free.
• Swirl pops - Blueberry flavor. (2 dz.) 2" pop on a 4 1/2" plastic stick. Individually wrapped. Fat-free.
• Candy sticks - Blueberry flavor. (80 pcs.) 5" Individually wrapped. Fat-free.
• Buttermints - (Approx. 108 pcs.) Individually wrapped. Fat-free.

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