Baby Pooh Shower Games for 8


Pooh Birthday party Supplies Canada:
This Disney Baby Shower Game Book includes fun party games for as many as 8 guests!
Games included:
  • Baby Face - Each guest brings a baby picture of herself. Who ever identifies the most pictures wins!
  • Picture Charades - The fun of charades, but the ideas are drawn on paper!
  • Touch-and-Tell Memory Game - Guests are given 30 seconds to feel (without looking) baby articles that have been placed in a bag. Guests then recall and list as many as possible.
  • Baby Animals - Guests name the babies of the animals shown.
  • Unscramble these baby items - example: OLBETT, FPCAIEIR, IDPARE
  • Answer these nursery rhyme questions - example: What did Little Boy Blue blow? How many bags of wool did the black sheep have? What was Curly Locks going to sew?
  • Baby Crossword Puzzle - The player who fills in the most correct answers after 5 minutes is the winner of this baby-themed crossword puzzle