We've Upgraded!

Check out our new outfit
Why yes, there is something different about us. We've been working in the background for months to develop a new and improved site, and we've just brought it online this weekend! The changes that you will notice immediately are aesthetic. We've refreshed our design framework, and you should find that it is now much more mobile-friendly. We've also implemented significant improvements underneath the hood, by upgrading to the latest versions of the newest and best server technologies. This will make your shopping experience smoother and more secure, and will enable us to introduce exciting new functionality in the future.

We're Available to Help
We've been busy working on and testing the new upgrades to the site for several months, and believe we have worked out all the kinks. But if you encounter any issues, please let us know, and we will patch them up. The best way to reach us over the weekend for tech support is to send an email to